facial services

Discover your ideal skincare with a Tata Harper Facial, each one designed to deliver results that achieve your most beautiful and glowing skin.

+ Instant Glow

20 min/$35

Tata's favorite weekly treatment. A perfect intro to the Tata Harper line, the Instant Glow facial uses a special combination of Tata's most popular products. Enjoy a shoulder massage and a touch of the supernatural to finish.

+ Fresh Facial

30 min/$65

This facial combats the daily wear and tear of environmental exposure and pollution by effectively clearing pores of excess oils, dead skin, and build-up - while maintaining the skin's moisture balance. A powerfully purifying treatment thoroughly cleans the skin and refines pore appearance, while an invigorating blend of essential oils helps flush away impurities for a deeply refreshed feel. This facial has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to balance oiliness.

+ Rejuvenating Facial

60 min/$75
Total rejuvenation and radiance! An infusion of botanical vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants naturally provide environmental protection and nutrition to help the skin achieve a luminous, healthy glow. The perfect facial to provide the essential needs of your skin to deliver immediate and long-term anti-aging results.

+ Tata's Deluxe Regimen

60 min/$125

Discover the ultimate in anti-aging luxury with this powerful facial, to deliver dramatic, comprehensive results without a drop of synthetic chemicals. Smooth and soften the wrinkles and fine lines with advanced filling technology to restore the look of youthful volume. This facial delivers a full anti-aging experience, for the best in beauty without compromise.

+ Purifying Detox Facial

60 min/$95

Just like a juice cleanse for your skin! This treatment was created to address the concerns of acne or blemish prone skin. Featuring the Purifying Cleanser, powered by fruit enzymes, purple clay, and essential oils, this facial focuses on the deep cleansing of congested pores while also working to reverse environmental signs of aging.

+ Hydrating Therapy Facial

60 min/$100

The ultimate drink of moisture for your skin! Aimed to heal sensitive skin, this facial restores your internal moisture with avocado peptides and beetroot extract. Featuring the Intense Hydration Therapy Mask, this treatment delivers a powerful dose of moisture, boosting the skin's elasticity and natural hydration factor.

+ Tata Harper Peel

30 min/$100
Add to a facial/$50

Using all natural ingredients, this Tata Harper Peel enhances and smooths the texture of the skin without exposing your skin to the harsh chemicals associated with other peels. This process removes the dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and helps to even skin pigmentation.

+ Microdermabrasion

45 min/$75
Add to a facial/$40

A gentle exfoliation process that lightly sands and removes the outer, thicker layer of skin. This skin rejuvenating process helps to decrease the apperance of scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks.

botox services

+ botox cosmetic

  • Consultation.......... free
  • Services .................$11/unit
  • For more information visit www.vtmedspa.com


+ microblading

  • Consultation ...................... free
  • Initial Procedure ................. $550
    • includes one free touch up
  • Additional touch ups ..........$350
  • Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that creates natural, individual brow strokes. This is a great option for those looking to reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill-in eyebrows. The initial procedure takes approximately two hours and lasts eight to eighteen months. Touch ups take approximately an hour and a half.
    ** Clients must refrain from taking blood thinners for at least two weeks before the procedure. Blood thinners include Ibuprofen, Fish Oil, and Aspirin.